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22 Things That Will Never EVER Make Sense To College Students

You’re really smart now. But these things you just can’t get your head around…

1. How you would wake up at 7am every day in school, but now struggle to get up for just one 9am lecture a week.

2. And how you used to spend 6 solid hours a day studying but now think a couple of contact hours (if that) is a bit much.


3. How some people can do seemingly nothing all the time but still get straight As.


4. How shops on campus can charge so much.

They know who their customers are, right?

5. How thousands of dollars used to seem like a lot but you somehow can’t even live off it.


6. Saying your room is too messy to clean up.via

7. How you can easily remember every embarrassing thing you’ve ever done in your life, but go blank as soon as you sit down in an exam.


8. And why some people ask for extra paper.

9. Why landlords are allowed to charge per room, not per house like normal.


10. How two-hour lectures last a lifetime but two hours in front of Netflix goes by in no time.

11. Why some takeaways close before the clubs let out.


12. Why you don’t get a loan installment over summer.


13. Referencing.

And how you always seem to get something wrong.


14. Why you’re always the one who seems to buy other people drinks.

15. How you used to get drunk off one Smirnoff Ice but now it takes a whole new loan to get you tipsy.


16. Why you have to pay for printing.

17. How you can take a rest from work for just a second and the next thing you know the deadline is here.

18. Why people would want to leave pre-game before 11.


19. And why you can never time your drinks right with the taxi arriving.

20. How there can always be someone in the shower when you want to use the bathroom.


21. How you can go all year never speaking to someone in class, but as soon as you see them on a night out they’re your best friend.

22. And why everyone is always asking what you’re going to do with your degree.   source:

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