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28 People That Are More Qualified New York Ambassadors Other Than Taylor Swift

I really do like Taylor Swift. But these are the true ambassadors to New York.

Background: Taylor Swift is now officially the ambassador of New York City. What this means? I don’t know. But it’s wrong. These people are much better.

That Asshole Who Has A Cat On His Head

What he would do as the ambassador of New York: Wear a cat on his head and act surprised and angry when people take his picture. He would then curse at you and demand a dollar.


Leonardo DiCaprio on a CitiBike

Leonardo DiCaprio on a CitiBike

What he would do as ambassador of New York: Show everyone the absolute best places they can buy cargo pants and newsboy caps.

Splash News

Dr. Zizmor

What he would do as the ambassador of New York: Give everyone beautiful clear skin. Not age.


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