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DaFuck? News

Gang Of Teens Killing Pets As Part Of Initiation Ceremony

Since the middle of February in Cinderford, Gloucestershire, At least five pet cats have been killed.

Reports say that if they hadn’t been found slaughtered, they suffered from injuries so bad, that they have had to be put down. As gruesome as it sounds, one of the cats found had been discovered decapitated in an alley and another had it’s front legs missing while a third had been simply shot.

“We’ve received information that this may be part of an initiation test for a local gang of teenagers and we’re making inquiries into that now.” A representation for Gloucestershire Police states.


Police in Cinderford are investigating whether a teen gang is behind the cat killings (Picture: Google)

“We understand these incidents are deeply disturbing and we ask the community for any information they can give us. The first cat to be attacked was Budley, 17, who had to be put down after he was shot in his hind leg and kicked with such force his ribs were broken and his lungs split.” They continued.

Sad owner Claire Johnson from Cinderford called the attack on February 12 ‘cruel’ and added: “If he had died of natural causes I would be able to accept it, But it’s the cruel and cold way he met his death that is haunting me. He had years left in him. I can’t believe someone local might have done this.”

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