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Amazing News Wow

McDonald’s Will Release A Loyalty Program With Free Food Rewards


News has it that Mcdonald’s is launching a loyalty program.

Soon, we all could possibly be rewarded for our late night cravings and drunken trips for burgers and McFlurries.

Although everyone wants to know, the details of this crazy loyalty program is cloaked in secrecy and curiosity, so no one other than the highest of MIckey D officials know exactly how it will work and what the mysterious rewards will be.

We do in fact know though, that McDonald’s is most definitely releasing some sort of reward based program for frequent visitors and regulars.


The McDonald’s U.S. president at the UBS Global Consumer Conference this week stated: “We’re working on a customer designed loyalty program that we think will be as good as there is out there in the marketplace.”

We also know that the program will work through the recently launched McDonald’s mobile application to avoid easily lost loyalty stamp cards help by most companies.


Lastly, You’ll be pleased to learn that the rewards in the program will center around food-themed items – most likely with smaller things such as fries and apple pies.

Reported by NRN, the program will be ‘robust’, and will pull data based on how often a customer visits the chain’s restaurants every month, as well as what they usually order.


As a way to encourage customers to come back, they also suggest that customers would have a limited time to use the deals and freebies provided through the program on the app.

As for when, no official has confirmed when exactly it will be released, but rumors are spreading that the program will appear within the McDonald’s app by the end of this year or at the beginning of 2017.


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