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A Student Has Designed An Isolation Pod So She Can Take A Nap Anywhere

The perfect item for every student . Not to mention stressed-out workers.

This is the Nutshell, “a pod-inspired platform for productive break-taking.”

This is the Nutshell ,

Eden Lew /

It has been designed by Eden Lew, an MFA student at New York’s School of Visual Arts (SVA).

It has been designed by Eden Lew , an MFA student at New York's School of Visual Arts (SVA).

Eden Lew /

I threw out a sandwich wrapper and began to think about topics related to food, lunch and time. A fellow classmate introduced me to the Slow Food movement, which I started to interpret a little differently.
As a student I’m always looking for the quickest meal to avoid stopping my workflow. I decided that if I’m going to spend five minutes or less eating a lunch, then I might as well use that five minutes to take a mental break.
Thus the Nutshell was created to block out distractions and to focus on eating and thinking.

Eden Lew /

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