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OMG World

After Breaking His Leg, Gymnast Is Dropped By Ambulance Team

Gymnast who broke his leg was dropped as he was loaded into ambulance

(Picture: Getty)

Yesterday, a gymnast’s sickening leg break on the first day of Rio 2016 drew sharp intakes of breath across the globe.

But the agony didn’t end there for Samir Ait Said, as footage from later in the evening shows him being dropped as he was loaded into an ambulance.

Medics treating the injured Frenchman dropped his stretcher – making the 26-year-old’s day to forget even more painful.

It happened shortly after he landed at an awkward angle while landing a vault, causing his left leg to bend at a hideously unnatural angle.

Said’s family reportedly let out cries of shock when the stretcher holding the gymnast crashed to the floor.

In the video clip, a woman supervising his treatment appears to grimace after Games workers pick up his stretcher.

Said had suffered an open fracture of his tibia and fibula in the crash landing.

The unlucky gymnast’s Olympic dream ended in disappointing fashion for the second time – he missed out on London 2012 altogether after breaking his other leg.

Witnesses in Rio said the sound of the injury ‘echoed through the arena’, but Said did not scream in pain.

Instead, he calmly signalled for help, and waved to the crowd as he was stretchered away from the scene.

Source: Metro.co.uk

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