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Could James Arthur face a copyright lawsuit over ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’?

X Factor Star JAMES ARTHUR  had the perfect comeback, reached No1 in the charts and is about to experience his first big blow.

The singer is facing legal action from Irish band THE SCRIPT over his chart-topping single ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’, which has just bagged James his third consecutive week at No1.


While the X Factor winner may be riding high following the track’s third consecutive week in the number one slot, Irish band The Script are reportedly preparing to sue James for similarities between the track and their number two hit single, The Man Who Can’t Be Moved. The band, fronted by Danny O’Donoghue, have apparently hired a music expert to commission a report on the resemblances between the tracks, which if enough evidence is found, could result in a fierce court battle.

James Arthur 'facing copyright lawsuit over Say You Won't Let Go'

Speaking to The Sun, an insider said: ‘Say You Won’t Let Go is already one of the biggest singles of the year so this is a real hammer blow.

‘There is no doubt the songs sound alike and have a similar chord progression. ‘James has just got back on the straight and narrow after a difficult few years and a lawsuit is the last thing he needs,’ they added.

But do the two songs sound the same? What do you think everyone?  Are we in for a sue-off?

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