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Couple Travel 50 Hours For Olympics Only to Find Their Tickets Are Fake

Couple travel 50 hours to Brazil in time for Olympics opening - but their tickets are fake

They dreamed of going to the Olympics so badly they travelled for two whole days to get from Oklahoma to Rio de Janeiro, excited to watch the opening ceremony.

For Zane Copeland and his wife Kristen, both 29, it was a dream come true and they were happy to spend 50 hours travelling in five flights, four countries and six airports.

But the trip didn’t go to plan, when the couple, from Leedey, showed up at the Maracana stadium entrance only to be told their tickets were fake.

‘When they scanned the tickets and told us they were fake we simply couldn’t believe it. It was just heartbreaking,’ Zane, a preacher, told the Daily Mail. It was supposed to be the highlight of our trip but instead we’ve spent the whole evening staring at the outside of a stadium.”

couple spend TWO DAYS traveling to Rio for last-minute trip to the Olympics - only to find their tickets are fake

(Picture: James Breeden for

They bought their last minute tickets from a scalper outside the stadium for the equivalent of around $100 each.

The tickets looked completely legit,’ said Zane. ‘He was a big guy with muscles and he kept them in his sock, but honestly we were more worried about being robbed. When we came away with the tickets we were just relieved and excited.’

They told the Mail they had tried to buy official tickets but kiosks were closed over the weekend so they went to the stadium directly.

Security guards taking pity on them let them wait in the press area, so at least they got to realise their dream of seeing the athletes arrive.


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