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Donald Trump Reacts to Melania Trump’s Speech Plagiarism Controversy

Melania Trump gave us secondhand embarrassment its finest at her Republican NationalĀ Convention speech. Donald Trump last but not least gave a piece of his mind surrounding his wife’s controversial second in the sun, which she delivered in Cleveland on Monday, July 18. Listen to his statement in the video under!

As beforehand documented, the aspiring first lady’s deal with appeared to plagiarize remarks that Michelle Obama created throughout the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Trump Organization personnel writer Meredith McIver, who aided compose the speech with Melania, 46, took accountability for the blunder on Wednesday.

“She just made a mistake, and I think it was terrific how she came forward and just said, ‘Look, it was a mistake that I made,'” the GOP presidential nominee, 70, told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos of McIver later in the day. “And she thought that it was very unfair to Melania, although, interestingly the press treated Melania very well because they didn’t think that it was her.”

McIver introduced a statement about the incident of her personal volition. “In operating with Melania Trump on her latest Initial Girl speech, we discussed many people who influenced her and messages she wished to share with the American people. A person she has often appreciated is Michelle Obama. In excess of the mobile phone, she go through me some passages from Mrs. Obama’s speech as illustrations. I wrote them down and afterwards integrated some of the phrasing in the draft that eventually became the last speech,” she wrote in a letter, through NBC. “I did not verify Mrs. Obama’s speeches.”

At the peak of the fiasco, McIver offered the Trump household her resignation. Even so, the former Celebrity Apprentice host did not take it.

“Today more than ever, I am honored to work for such a great family,” McIver said in her statement. “I personally admire the way Mr. Trump has handled this situation and I am grateful for his understanding.”

Rewatch Melania and Michelle’s speeches in the online video under.


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