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DaFuck? Entertainment Funny LOL

A Guy Caught This Group Performing A Real Exorcism At A Local Starbucks Store

Your local Starbucks is probably a great place to meet with family, friends, or even your study group. But, there are certain things you just shouldn’t do at a public coffee shop. Getting into a loud, obnoxious fight with your significant other is frowned upon, for instance. Bringing in a pizza and chomping away on it is probably a bad idea, too (plus, you’re just taunting the baristas with food at that point). And performing an exorcism. That’s right out.

…Yet that’s exactly what one man in Austin, Texas witnessed when he visited his local Starbucks over the weekend.

The Reddit user who uploaded the video said that several bible study groups in the area meet at that Starbucks. The ritual may have been performed by one of them, but this wasn’t verified.

“This is the first time I’ve seen something like this though,” he wrote. “I watched for a while besides what’s on the video because at first I thought it was a joke, prank or film project — nope!”

The man who the exorcism is being performed on is seen on video spitting into a red cup, while the others in the group are praying for him. Real or not, this is a pretty intense video. Check out the full video of the alleged exorcism below:

H/T: Huffington Post

If you had asked me to list the names of places where I thought an exorcism might take place, I certainly would not have picked a Starbucks. (At least the coffee is good, and in ready supply in case the exorcism takes longer than expected.)

And if you’re ever feeling a little wonky at Starbucks, just remember…the power of Pumpkin Spice compels you!



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