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Guy Rides Extremely Dangerous Glass Skateboard and Shatters It Immediately


The guys of Braille Skateboarding continue their experimental series in which they attempt to skate boards made out of rather unusual materials. These are the same dudes who tried to skate a saw blade, as they’re now back with an extremely dangerous glass skate deck.

Upon immediately opening the package, which came courtesy of Avenue Trucks, the fellas dubbed it the sickest board they’ve skated yet. After they investigated the thick glass deck, they didn’t figure it was going to break too easily, but alas, they were quite wrong.

The glass skateboard was seemingly fine while being ridden softly, before attempting any tricks, but when trying to drop in for the first time, the board immediately shattered. Thankfully, the skater managed to avoid the broken glass and left with no injuries.

So while the glass skate deck looks pretty damn cool, it clearly isn’t the easiest thing to skate.

Earlier this year Globe introduced the first skateboard equipped with a built-in speaker.

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