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It’s 2016 and people are naming their kids after Pokemon Go characters

Pokemon Go worldwide craze has come and gone, and now it also took the parenting world by storm. That’s right – new moms and dads are actually naming their kids after the video game’s characters.

According to Baby Center, nearly 50 per cent of its users play Pokemon Go and have thus turned to the game for baby name inspiration.

Interestingly, the names parents are choosing aren’t as bad as you think. In fact, Pikachu isn’t in the Baby Center database at all (thank goodness). Instead, new moms and dads seem to veer towards sweet and only slightly quirky monikers from the video game.

The top Pokemon Go name for girls, for instance, is Roselia, which has risen 5,859 spots compared to last year. In case you’re wondering, Roselia is a thorn species of Pokemon often pictured with a red rose in its right hand and a blue rose in its left.

As for boys, many parents are choosing the name of the game’s most famous Pokemon trainer: Ash. This name rose 248 spots in the past year.

Here’s the top 7 Pokemon Go baby names:

7. Ash

6. Shay (Shaymin)

5. Ivy (Ermm, Like in Ivysaur)

4. Eevee

3. Star

2.Onyx (Although the original Pokemon name is Onix, parents prefer it with a ‘y’)

1. Roselia

Don’t be scared if you turn up to see one of the names around, might have a serious case of Pokemon Go fan.


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