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Amazing News

Japan Will Release New Trains That Are Practically Invisible

Japan is set to reveal an express train that is designed to blend into it’s surrounding landscape. The design, made by architect Kazuyo Sajima, for the next generation of Seibu Railway Co. trains will feature a semi-reflective metallic skin, which will give the impression that they are part of the surrounding scenery.

A previous design of Sejima's. (Picture: Designboom)

A previous design of Sejima’s. (Picture: Designboom)

Sejima, quoted by Hypebeast, said “The limited express travels in a variety of different sceneries, from the mountains of Chichibu to the middle of Tokyo, and I thought it would be good if the train could gently coexist with this variety of scenery, I also would like it to be a limited express where large numbers of people can all relax in comfort, in their own way, like a living room, so that they think to themselves, “I look forward to riding that train again.””

These new trains are set to roll out officially on the tracks of Tokyo in 2018.


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