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Mother Disgusted And Horrified After Finding Bloody Band-Aid In Her Baby’s Milk

Mum left horrified after discovering bloodied plaster in her baby's milk

(Picture: Michaela Tracey Nicholls)

Mother Michaela Tracey Nicholls was about to feed her baby some formula milk when she had made a sickening discovery. There was a blood-covered bandage lying in the powder.

The london native was using the brand Aptamil, which is a formula for children who aren’t breastfed. She had posted pictures to Facebook of her discovery with the caption: “I’m absolutely disgusted to say that I have found a dirty used plaster in my little boys pot of Aptamil. And to top it off it’s actually been used and is covered with their blood. My little boys whole tub of milk has been contaminated with some other person blood. Just want everybody to see this and keep an eye out.”

Mum left 'sick to the stomach' after making horrific discovery in her baby's milk Credit: Michaela Tracey Nicholls

Friends and family were quick to respond to her post with utter disgust. One person wrote: “Omg that is despicable!!” while another had said “That’s just disgusting.”

Mum left 'sick to the stomach' after making horrific discovery in her baby's milk Credit: Michaela Tracey Nicholls

(Picture: Michaela Tracey Nicholls)

After the incident, Michaela had made a formal complaint with Aptamil and says that the environmental health are now investigating their factory.

Spokesman Helen Messenger told “We were very concerned to hear about Ms Nicholls’ experience. We take the safety of our products very seriously and have immediately launched an investigation. We have checked our factory records and can confirm that all our quality controls tests were operating correctly at the time the milk was produced, which include sieving the formula just before it is packed and checking each carton with a very sensitive x-ray machine.”

She also added that they have not received any other complaints about the batch of milk and believes it is ‘unlikely’ this happened at their factory.


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