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Mother Faces Lifetime In Jail After Poisoning Daughter With Painkillers

Mother facing jail for poisoning newborn daughter with strong painkillers

(Picture: SWNS)

A mother faces time in jail after actually admitting to poisoning her newborn baby daughter by adding a strong painkiller into her breast milk.

30 year old Rose Jones denied doing the same to her other daughter, but openly confessed she had the intent to injure her 1 year old.

She pleaded guilty to 2 counts of fraud and was charged for cruelty and drug possession. She had also pretended that her ex partner had started a small fire in her home, when it was her all along.


Judge Ian Lawrie QC said the matter was ‘a complex case’ with a ‘complex defendant’. He remanded Jones into custody, warning her she was ‘facing a significant period of custody’.

Jones will be sentenced at a hearing on May 19.

Source: Metro.co.uk

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