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Mother Gives The Perfect Response To A Stranger Who Got Mad At Her Kids For Climbing A Tree

Man tells kids off for climbing trees, their mother pens the perfect response

(Picture: Julie Walsh Holcombe / Facebook)

Two twin boys have been given a permission slip to climb trees by their mother, after they were targeted by a stranger. 

In Yardley, Pennsylvania Ryan and Patrick had just been climbing trees with their friends when an unknown man had approached them.

The man told them he had been watching them for a while and asked the kids to get off of the tree. On top of that, he had also told the kids he had called a security guard to take them away.


Ryan said, “He told us, ‘I don’t want you kids climbing, because if you fall and get hurt, the school would be responsible and could get sued, You aren’t in trouble, but if you do it again, I’m going to contact your principal.”

Julie and her boys were not happy about being approached by the stranger (Picture: Julie Walsh Holcombe / Facebook)

(Picture: Julie Walsh Holcombe / Facebook)

The twin’s mother decided to take things into her own hands by doing something absolutely amazing.

She had typed up a permission slip stating that the boys were allowed to climb the trees. If anyone were to approach them again about where and how they were playing, they were to show it to them.

Julie, the mother, also posted the letter to Facebook saying that it may have been a bit of an overreaction, but she really couldn’t help it.


“My children have permission to climb any tree they so desire,’ Julie’s letter reads. In fact, I encourage it, whenever and wherever they can, for as long as they both shall live. I can think of few things better than knowing they are spending their time playing outside in the fresh air, taking advantage of the beautiful playground that nature can provide, getting exercise, using their imagination, chatting with their squad of friends, all while climbing a tree. In a bit to ensure her children are from hereon in left alone to enjoy the outdoors after school, Julie finished her letter by saying: ‘So, from this point forward, I respectfully ask that you let my kids be kids. The time they have left to do so is fading painfully fast. If this correspondence still doesn’t calm your nerves about a potential lawsuit, below please find an official permission slip – admissible evidence in any court of law.”

She concludes: “Feel better? No? Then I suggest you climb a tree. It’s really quite relaxing.”


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