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DaFuck? Entertainment

Only A Truly Evil Roommate Would Play This Trick On Someone. LOL… WOW!

There is some pretty crazy pranks that have been done. Pranks that could ultimately end relationships or even marriages. This prank is a little different; it’s a bit more time consuming with an end result that is awesome. After his roommate went out of town, he decided to do the ultimate roommate foil prank on him.


1. He covered his entire room and bathroom in tin foil.


2. And he left nothing uncovered.


3. Even foil curtains!


4. He even covered the dresser and the full closet. 


5. How about a foil bed?


6. A foil bathroom too!


7. This roommate went crazy with the foil!


8. He even covered the cord to the ceiling fan. 


9. Got to love a foil shower curtain. 


10. This would be frustrating to walk into. 


11. That chair doesn’t look all that comfy anymore.


12. Everything is covered in foil!


13. His full room 100% covered in foil. 


14. I wonder how much money he spent on foil.


15. Or how many rolls of foil were used during this prank.


16. Even the lamps are covered.


17. His entire desk…. FOILED!

If I was this guy’s roommate, I wouldn’t be able to stop laughing. It must have taken him a lot of time, patience, and money to cover his entire room in foil. What would you do if you came home to this?


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