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Amazing Entertainment

People Are Doing THIS Instead Of Getting Buried When They Die… AWESOME.

Losing someone you love is already a very difficult time in your life. The pain, the grief, and the roller coasters of emotions make life seem like it is over. What one company did to help you cherish your deceased loved ones is beautiful and unique, a way you will never forget that special person. I doubt you’ve ever seen anything like this. It’s known as cremation jewelry and is quickly gaining attention around the world.


This is not just a gorgeous ring showcasing a beautiful blue color. In fact it’s something much more than just a beautiful stone. Algordanza is a company in Switzerland that provides a service where they take the remains from a cremation and convert it into a diamond, giving you some beautiful  jewelry made out of the ashes of your loved one. 


The way they do it is thanks to a lot of science. They take the carbon out of the remains and use that to turn it into graphite.


The graphite is heated to 2700 degrees. The result is a beautiful diamond that can range from white to dark blue.


The diamond can be set in a ring or any other piece of jewelry.


A beautiful way to always remember someone you love.

Doing this is not very cheap. However, it is comparable to an average funeral. The cost to create one of these cremation jewelry pieces is about $4,500. But having a piece of jewelry to remember your loved one, well that is priceless.


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