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LOL News Wow

This Restaurant Is Providing A Discount To Anyone Who Is Ginger

New burger and chicken restaurant, Ginger’s Grill in Prestatyn, North Wales, will be offering a very special discount to everyone with natural ginger hair once the place opens in April.

The owner, Mark Linekar is a ginger himself, or at least was before he shaved away his hair, and is providing at least a 20% discount to all natural gingers because he “feels that gingers deserve a break,” and we agree.

gingers grill

Linekar says “As one of my friends said to me, gingers have been getting stick for a long time now so it is time they got something back. The deal will be 20% off a meal for a genuine ginger. I think it is a novel idea and wanted to do something different.”


On top of burgers and chicken, Ginger’s Grill will also have plenty of milkshake flavors and waffles when they open, and if all goes according to Mark’s plan, he hopes to open up more branches and bring this brilliant discount to ginger people across the United Kingdom (Sorry everyone else).


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