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Funny LOL

Sharing A Selfie Lesson: Rats Should Be Out Of The Picture

Sharing A Selfie Lesson: Rats Should Be Out Of The Picture

Since you were a kid, it was one of the most difficult lessons to learn. It was never easy to get yourself to clean your room. Unfortunately, for the increasing number of millennials, this is still a very serious problem. To make matters worse, social media can help you embarrass yourself to thousands of people around the world, and if your lack of tidiness is at least little bit interesting, you might become a star in the next 24 hours.

Alyssa from Louisiana tried to present us her stunningly beautiful figure in a very attractive dress, as a part of preparation for the night out, but her selfie caught something disturbingly out of order. The room floor behind her is a complete mess, with floor barely visible under all rubbish you can see around. If you are bored, you might even try recognizing stuff piece by piece. We would not recommend it, though. One of her Twitter followers screenshot, cropped and zoomed in a section of the floor. We can’t say for sure, but it looks like Alyssa has strange pets in her room, rats for example.

She also tried to use her five minutes of fame to post a bit more provocative selfies, start a couple of pseudo-political debates, and begin with crowdfunding to motivate her to clean the room. Needless to say, that only angered more of her followers and started a viral counting of snack, clothes, and debris on her bedroom floor. Her selfie has been retweeted over 3,300 times with many people poking fun at her messy room.

Dear Alyssa, make-up won’t make up for the lack of cleanliness. Tidy room = tidy mind.

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