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Funny Videos

Soccer Player Misses Goal And Knocks Out Fan Instead

This is why you should always pay attention to what’s happening on the pitch during a football game.

If you don’t, you may get knocked out by a stray ball like this elderly man at a Sutton United vs Ebbsfleet United pre-season friendly.

A video showed the supporter crashing to the ground after getting struck in the face when one of his players attempted a shot from outside the area.

Unsuspecting football fan knocked out after striker misses target

The fans and players were immediately concerned and called for medical attention.

We’re not sure when the elderly man came around, but he would have been pleased to find out his team Sutton United beat Ebbsfleet United 2-0 at their Gander Green Lane home, in south London.

The game took place on July 30.


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