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DaFuck? Entertainment Wow

This Photographer Got Banned Because He Took These Photos. No One Has Seen Them Until Now.

When photographer Eric Lafforgue took photo’s of North Korea this year, he never expected to be banned from the rogue state for his entire life. North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, didn’t want anyone to see these photos because the images reveal the shocking extent of the deprivation suffered by people who live there. Here are the pictures that ultimately got him banned from North Korea for his entire life.


North Korea does not allow you to photograph anyone who appears to be suffering from malnutrition.


You are not allowed to photograph anything that resembles poverty.


It’s okay to take photos of kids on computers, just not when it shows they have no power.


He was asked to delete all photos of malnutrition like this photo above.


He was told to delete this photo because they feared that this photo would say this man was dead. He was actually alive, but just resting.


The power went out during this photo. He was told to delete it and said when the power goes out, it’s because of the American embargo.


Taking pictures of people who ride their bikes for hours to get to work is forbidden.


North Korea says foreign aid is a war debt and taking photos of any WFP sign is forbidden.


North Korea doesn’t allow too much as far as taking photos of the military goes.


The picture is a rare example of an undisciplined kid. The bus was driving, when this boy stood in the road.


This picture was banned because it shows that poverty exists.


This photo was not supposed to be taken because officials do not allow pictures of the army.


Taking photos of any military is not allowed, even soldiers.


The regime considers pictures showing smiles under portraits of the leadership to be disrespectful. ‘Never take a picture where you can see people doing silly things in front of the Kim portraits,’


The photographer got in trouble for taking this one because ‘the painting was unfinished.


You were allowed to take photos of animals, as long as soldiers were not in it, but it was hard because soldiers made up 99% of the crowd.


According to officials, this photo represents that North Koreans have to eat grass.


The photographer was told to delete this photo because it included the tunnel.


He was told to remove this one because it showed children working.


Officials wanted him to delete this photo because it shows a man bathing in a river.


Although cars are becoming widespread in Pyongyang, peasants aren’t used to seeing them. Kids play in the middle of the road just like when they didn’t exist.


The photographer was also told not to use flash because it would scare people.


Again, no photos of military at all.


He was only allowed to take this photo after this guy’s shirt was straightened.


Officials hate photos that show anything with soldiers, especially when they rest.


‘North Koreans are very paranoid. I was asked to delete the picture since the guides were certain I would have said those people were homeless – they were just resting’


‘You are supposed to see fun at the Songdowon Children’s Camp but some come from the country and are scared of escalators which they’ve never seen before’


Officials took issue with this photo for two reasons: The teen is wearing his cap in a strange way (according to my guide), and there are soldiers in the background.


‘Queuing is a national sport for North Koreans,’ says Lafforgue. This photo shows people waiting for a chance to catch the bus to work.


It is forbidden to take photos of people if they are not well dressed.

North Korea obviously is very careful on how the rest of the world looks at them. To completely ban a person from ever entering the country again seems a bit extreme to me. Source: Dailymail

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