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Latest News World

US Navy bombs government forces in Syria, Russia suspends agreement that prevents direct conflict with NATO forces


American warships deployed in the Mediterranean sea launched more than 60 Tomahwak missiles on Government forces in Syria. The attack is said to be a US retaliation for the deadlychemical attack that killed 86 people in the province of Idlib on Tuesday.

The bombing was approved and overseen by US President Donald Trump, who was infuriated by a recent offensive carried out by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Al Asaad. “It is our vital interest to stop the usage of chemical and other weapons of mass destruction”, Trump said in a new conference. He also added that Syria should be put under a UN investigation and Asaad’s regime and forces punished for their war cimes.


USS Cape St. George launching a Tomahawk missile in the Mediterranean sea

US Navy is said to have fired more than 60 Tomahawk missiles, destroying air bases that were allegedly used by the regime forces to carry out chemical air strikes. Syrian President Bashar Al Asaad called the missile strikes “unjust and arrogant aggression”. Syrian officials also condemned the bombings, saying that they would hamper the country’s ability to fight and contain militant groups.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called for an immediate meeting of the UN Security Council. His spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, condemned the US Missile strikes, describing them as “violations of the norms of international law, and under a far-fetched pretext”.

Meanwhile, Dmitry Medvedev, the Prime Minister of Russia, warned that the US attack on Syria could lead both countries to an armed conflict. “These rash and aggressive actions being carried out by the Americans will bring more instability into the region and could even spark an all-out war between several world powers”, Medvedev said in a Twitter post.


Russian President and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev warned that Trump’s intervention in Syria could spark a new war between Russia and the US

As an answer to its unilateral intervention, Russia decided to suspend its agreement with the US, which was set up to avoid possible accidents and conflicts between both countries’ Air forces. Russian officials also announced that Russia will continue to arm the Syrian Government forces and help Asaad build up a strong anti-air defense. “Starting from today, we will take several measures to ensure that the Syrian airspace once again becomes impenetrable”.


Russian MO officials announced that they will increase their activity in Syria and help the country build up a strong anti-air defense network

Russian Ministry of Defense officials also noted that they have full right to keep their forces in Syria and even deploy more of them if needed. “The rules of our deployment and engagement are governed by our own Ministry of Defense and by the decisions carried out by the Chief-in-command”, said Igor Konashenkov, Russia’s MO spokesperson.

He added that, based on the recent reports, only 23 American Tomahawk missiles actually hit their targets. “What happened to other missiles is unknown at the moment. However, we will continue to monitor all maneuvers and radio traffic”, Konashenkov announced.

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