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USA preparing for the incoming total solar eclipse


For the first time after nearly a century, Americans on both sides of the country will be able to watch a full Solar eclipse happening above their heads.

Solar eclipses are a rather common phenomena, occurring every 12 to 18 months somewhere on the planet. But they are rarely visible by humans, as they tend to happen above oceans. However, this particular time surely be a unique experience for USA and its overseas territories such as Hawaii.

Americans are already making final preparations for the event, making camera obscura (devices used to safely gaze on the eclipse) and checking the weather forecast to see if the skies above them will clear for tonight’s spectacle. Merchants and supermarkets are also preparing for the event, resupplying their stores with adequate merchandise and equipment.


For the first time in a century, a solar eclipse will be visible from both coasts of the US

The eclipse is to start above Oregon at 10:00 AM and then traverse across 14 states, finally ending above Charleston, South Carolina around 3:00 PM.

The scientific community is also excited, as they are given a unique opportunity to track a solar eclipse across a continent. Furthermore, they hope that with so many technologies and cameras in the hands of millions of Americans, they will be provided with an unlimited source of high quality photographs and videos which could then be used for research.

However, they urge people to keep safety in mind and to use proper equipment when looking at the eclipse. US authorities also called for caution and reminded local municipalities that the event could lead to some small scale forest fires and blackouts. Possible malfunctions in solar power plants are also possible, although electric companies say they have taken all necessary measures to protect their equipment and minimize the damage.


The eclipse will begin over Oregon at 10:00 AM and then move across 14 states, finishing its cycle above South Carolina at 3:00 PM

Teitel, a YouTube host and spaceflight historian, will anchor TIME’s broadcast from New York City, while Jeffrey Kluger, editor-at-large for TIME and the author of Apollo 8, reports from Casper, Wyo., which is in the path of totality — where the moon completely blocks out the sun. Ivins is a veteran of five space flights who has spent more than 1,300 hours in space.

The free broadcast begins at 12 p.m. ET on Monday, and will be available above on as well as TIME’s Facebook and YouTube pages. It will feature interviews and discussions about how solar eclipses work and how animals react to the celestial phenomenon.

Separately, TIME and LIFE VR will also produce a 360-degree VR livestream of the solar eclipse on TIME’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

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