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You won’t believe where’s the new UK capital of fake tan

Did you try to look more tanned this summer, but ended up being cast for the next Chocolate Factory movie? Well, you’re in for a surprise:

Sales of fake tan have revealed that the beauty treatment has a new home in the UK – Glasgow.

The Scottish city, perhaps better known for its damp weather than stunning rays, has taken over from Essex when it comes to added artificial colour, with purchases rocketing in the past six months.

Glaswegians spent a total of £62,272 on make-up products from , with £3,500 spent on fake tan – a rise of more than 40 per cent over the past year.

By comparison, traditional fans of the tan Essex girls spent just £18,711 on make up from the site, with £928 spent on fake tan.

Edinburgh wasn’t far behind Glasgow, with locals spending £61,519 on beauty products – £1,600 of which went on fake tan.


Those living on the Orkney Islands in Scotland came bottom of the fake tan league, with nothing at all spent on fake tan in the past six months out of the £1,035 spend on beauty products by locals.

Those living on the Shetland Islands in Scotland spent the least in total on make-up around the UK, with locals splashing out just £251 on beauty products from – and just £60 on fake tan.

Top five spenders on fake tan in the last six months

  1. Glasgow – £3,500 (total beauty spending £62,272)
  2. Edinburgh – £1,600 (total beauty spending £61,519)
  3. Aberdeen – £977 (total beauty spending £25,090)
  4. Surrey – £976 (total beauty spending £65,761)
  5. Essex – £928 (total beauty spending £18,711)

Bottom five spenders on fake tan

  1. Orkney Islands – zero (total beauty spending £1.035)
  2. Shetland Islands – £60 (total beauty spending £251)
  3. Dumfries – £93 (total beauty spending £6,876)
  4. Inverness – £106 (total beauty spending £12,420)
  5. Torquay – £158 (total beauty spending £9,713)

Becky Prentice, 35, of Glasgow, said she switched to fake tan five years ago after ditching sunbeds.

She said: “I used to use sunbeds to top up my tan, but stopped five years ago and switched to fake tan.

“It’s not that sunny in Glasgow, so I need something to give me a glow – it’s either fake tan or going on holiday to Spain every month, which I can’t afford!”

Orkney Islands

Lisa de-la-Plain, co-founder of Beauty Flash, said: “We hear the same beauty stereotypes being talked about so much, that sometimes we assume they must be true.

“Our latest research is fascinating because it shows how wrong our preconceptions can be and reveals more accurate insights into what the real beauty trends are across the country.”



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