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OMG technology

YouTube Hoax Convinces People To Drill Holes In Their iPhone 7

Some people drilled holes in their iPhone 7s after watching YouTube hoax

A YouTube video appears to have convinced some iPhone users to destroy their brand new devices, all in the name of wired headphones.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that drilling a hole into most things, especially smartphones, is not going to end well.

And regular prankster, TechRax, has a reputation for fooling iPhone lovers.

Most people laugh and move on to the next clip, but there are a select few who prove Darwin was on to something.

In the comments below the video, a number of people appear to have missed the point, picked up a power tool, and have complained about their now defunct phones.

These people could just be playing along with the joke, but there’s still a chance someone will be heading straight to the Genius Bar after watching this – now that’s something we’d like to see.


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